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We are proud to offer Western Tack of the highest quality. The finest leathers are paired with braided or hitched horsehair. In addition, you may request silver trims.

Browse through this web site collection of our most requested styles and patterns. We are also happy to send a catalog. Tack is available in ANY braid or pattern style we offer at Colorado Horsehair.


Horse Photo
Braided Tack Set
Above: Hitched Tack Set in Pattern "C"
Here are the Tack items we offer:
  • Headstalls
  • Breast Collars
  • Nosebands
  • Reins
  • Shoo Flies
Shoo Flies

We also offer deluxe sets with concho trims. Ask for a photo.

In addition, we will be happy to mail or email pictures of our unique tack at your request.

Shoo Flies

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